25 years in the machine tool industry servicing customers across the country and abroad. JPG Services truly understands the importance of customers and how important it is for the customer to meet their deliveries. Unlike most of today's company's JPG services success is achieved on strong customer relations and providing exactly what the customer needs when they need it. JGP Services is specialized in the following area's.
Area's of service:
  • Installation assistance:
  • Machine repair service:
  • Maintenance repairs:
  • Preventive maintenance:
  • Operator training:
  • Process development:
  • Operator, Maintenance, set-up Manual preparation:
  • Production quality improvements:
  • Improved cycle times:
  • Reduce part costs:
  • Improved quality:
  • Common quality problems addressed:
    Finish, Chatter, burning, Roping, size, taper, run-out.
    Grinder experience:
  • Cylindrical, I.D. / O. D.
  • Crankshaft:
  • Camshaft:
  • Surface:
  • Area's worked in:
  • Automotive:
  • Diesel engine:
  • Aero space:
  • Tool room:
  • Production shop: